DIY White Board Cleaner

DIY whiteboard cleaner

We use our white board a lot.  Since we school at home, we have a huge 4’x4′ white board on the wall in the school room.  I write the girls’ lesson lists each morning along with any other reminders we may need.  Do daily cleaning is a must.  We were using the squirty chemical stuff that comes in a bottle that you buy at an office supply or department store, but then it dawned on me that we could use our essential oils to make our own. We would save money and not be misting nasty chemicals into the air.  My friend Jill, over at The Prairie Homestead once used lemon essential oil to clean crayon from a painted surface, so I thought I’d try the lemon essential oil.

Using a 4 oz.  bottle with a pump spray top, I filled it about 3/4 full and added about 40 drops of lemon essential oil.  Shake it up and Viola!  Its as easy as that!!

Spray the writing on the white board, wait about a minute for the lemon to work, then wipe off with a cloth rag.  We use an old sock from the rag cupboard.  This easy mixture works great on the smeary bits too.  We haven’t found a dry erase marker that this simple concoction can’t tackle.  You can adjust the proportion of oil to water as you experiment.  Lemon essential oil smells great, has wonderful disinfectant properties and its inexpensive.

I use doTERRA essential oils exclusively.  You can buy them through my website or email me to find out how you can become a consultant and buy at wholesale prices.  jana (at) janasapothecary (dot) com.



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  1. The whiteboard I have at school expressly says not to use citrus oils because it could ruin the whiteboard. Have you found that the board holds up over multiple uses?


    • Yes! Ours has held up well over a couple of years. We bought a very large sheet of white-board material at the lumber yard, rather than the type that one might find at a department store. I do not know if different brands may have a different composition of surface materials? Thanks for commenting!

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