Fodder, the Livestock Comfort Food

When they hear the door slam, the gate chain jingle and then they see me coming, they literally run to the trough for their morning ration of fresh green goodness!  They act like it’s their favorite winter comfort food.  I imagine its kind of like how I feel about a fresh pan of homemade, cinnamon rolls.  Pure speculation on my part, of course, but they certainly get lip-smackin’ happy about it when I start busting up the fodder mats in their trough.

This week, I’m honored to be a guest writer over at The Prairie Homestead!  So click on over to read about our homemade fodder system!

clover fodder

Prairie Parables III

Remember to put up your hood before retrieving eggs from laying boxes located directly under chickens roosting in the rafters.  The resulting plop must be akin to what city-folk experience from a passing pigeon…. possibly the only thing I might have in common with a New Yorker.

Meet the Icelandics!

They’re here!  I’ve wanted Icelandic sheep for years.  They’re hardy, forage efficient and best of all, they’re triple purpose!  These girls will provide our family with meat, fiber and even milk.  So finally, last month, I drove down to Trinidad, CO to pick up 3 ewes from Isai Pexton, the North Coast Shepherd. All three…

Free Seeds, Get Your Free Seeds!

I recently started following a new gardening YouTube channel, Love Your Land! Karen, is hosting two free seed giveaways, sponsored by Growing Microgreens and Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Check out these two videos for instructions about how to enter. Be sure to send separate envelopes for each giveaway, if you’re interested in both. And…