What’s in Your Water?

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I certainly need to drink more water.  I think a lot of us do.  When we’re in town, I rarely see people drinking water. Rather they’re sipping on soft drinks, coffee, giving their kids juice boxes, chocolate milk or sweetened tea.  Why not just water?  Aren’t our bodies mostly water?  I don’t mean bottled water though.  Bottled water is expensive, detrimental to the environment and completely unnecessary.  Watch this movie and you’ll never buy bottled water again. (free for Amazon Prime members) but everyone can watch the trailer.

The better, more environmentally responsible choice is to get a reusable, washable, glass water bottle and take your own!  I like to add a variety of essential oils in my water for therapeutic benefits but also because it tastes great and I’m likely to drink more water if I like the taste!
These are the water bottles we use:  LifeFactory bottles come in a variety of sizes with different caps.

LifeFactory bottles come in a variety of sizes with different caps. While they might seem a little expensive, they’re worth it. I’ve dropped mine and had it roll down the driveway. I regularly put it in the dishwasher, it doesn’t leak and it looks great. When I have it with me, I’m less likely to make unhealthy choices.  Instead I just add a couple of drops of my favorite essential oils to my water bottle.
(Not all essential oils are created equal.  Make sure that the brand of oils you choose to ingest is of high quality and labels as safe for internal use.  This means whatever oil you may have purchased at your local big box department store is most likely used topically rather than internally. Do your research and make an informed choice.  I choose doTERRA® essential oils and believe in their purity and quality)

Great essential oils choices to add to your water:

Just add 2-3 drops of your choice of essential oils into your glass water bottle.  Give it an occasional shake and enjoy the benefits!

LEMON, LIME and WILD ORANGE: light, refreshing and cleansing. The citrus oils are light, uplifting and may help support our bodies in flushing out t is uplifting and helps flush the toxins from our bodies.

GRAPEFRUIT: Crisp, clean,  smells amazing, may help suppress the appetite.  Grapefruit water is great to drink between meals to curb snacking.

PEPPERMINT:  Just a single drop in a cup of hot water and you have instant peppermint tea! Wonderful for opening airways and calming an upset stomach.

SLIM & SASSY®:  a metabolic, proprietary blend from doTERRA®, contains a wonderful mix of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon and ginger.  Slim & Sassy is a great substitute for sugary drinks.  Simply add a few drops to your glass water bottle and shake it periodically before drinking!

Why use glass water bottles?

Besides being better for the environment, drinking from glass is better for you too!  Glass water bottles can be sanitized in the dishwasher.  They also don’t succumb to the effects of citrus oils.  Being acidic, over time citrus oils will break down plastic and cause plastic toxins to leach into your water.  You want the citrus oils to flush chemical out of your body, rather than giving them to you from your water bottle.  A simple home experiment illustrates this idea perfectly.  Put 1 drop of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil in a styrofoam cup.  In a matter of minutes, the lemon oil will eat a hole right through!  You’re probably thinking, why would I want that in my body?  Because you want the lemon oil to break down the petrochemicals in your system so you can flush them out.  Neat huh?  Well, its only neat if you’re using a glass water bottle.  If you choose plastic, combined with citrus oil, you may be drinking the very toxins you wish to eliminate.
What’s in your water today?



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