What we’re up to in July

I haven’t been posting as much this summer just because we’re busy with all the outside work, activities with the kids, camping, archery events etc..  Its a busy time, one where I’m less likely to spend hours at the computer.  So here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to!

The garden is coming along pretty well finally.  After we had 18″ of snow on Mother’s Day weekend, things were off to a slow start.  But now, I’m pretty excited that the tomatoes are flowering and starting to set fruit.

july green toms

We have baby jalapenos!

july baby peppers

We picked the first of the green beans last night.

july green beans

We have baby zucchinis coming along nicely in between the stalks of our popcorn.  GrowSomeBoom!

baby zucc

We’re watering the vineyard and waiting for the grapes to ripen in another 6 weeks maybe?

july vineyard

Earlier this month, both girls competed in the Wyoming State 4H Shoot in archery and did very well!  They both beat their score from our local county competition!

state shoot 2014

Then last weekend all of us competed at the High Plains 3D shoot held at Pole Mountain near Laramie.  It was the first time Will and I competed and although we didn’t place very well, we are new to the sport and were pleased with our scores nonetheless.

will target 13

jana target 14

If I keep doing these 3D archery events that require several miles of hiking each day, I’ll have my middle pared down in no time!

The girls both did really well at the 3D shoot and scored 1st and 2nd in their division.

girls at high plains 3d shoot

And of course, I’m knitting.  I made these teeny socks for a friend’s daughter, who is expecting in August.

july baby socks

The next few weeks are full of camping, visiting with friends and keeping up the garden during this hot, windy summer.

So please forgive the sparseness and inconsistency of my posts as I try to juggle two businesses, my family’s fun activities, a part-time mail job, upcoming garden harvest and well… life in general.

Thanks for being my readers!


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