Respiratory Relief

Respiratory Relief

This summer has been one of the worst on record for my allergies!  As soon as the neighbors start the wheat harvest, my allergies really kick in to gear with all that dry wheat chaff blowing around on top of the regular reactions to hay, sage and yellow clover.  The nights cool off pretty well here, so we normally sleep with the windows open and a box fan blowing gently through the room.  While the fan has a comforting low hum, the air circulation definitely increases the dry throat and congestion so I often wake up with a headache and a plugged up nose.  Ugh.

Lately I’ve been diffusing this blend at night.  It seems to help with my congestion, allergy symptoms and oh yeah… the bugs.

We live in an old farm house.  Summer and early fall always brings an influx of bugs, flying ants, beetles and spiders into the house.  The cats can only eat so many moths, so I think this blend helps deter the creepy crawlies from coming in the bedroom to start with.  Stay in the basement, you eight leggeds!

Of course you can also use doTERRA’s respiratory blend, Breathe!

If you’ve been considering getting started with essential oils, now is a great time!  doTERRA is offering 50 product credits back if you enroll as a Wellness Advocate with at least a 100 pv order before August 15th! In addition, I’m offering a FREE 30 minutes Wellness Consult to help you choose and use your new oils!  Email me at to get started!

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