Fall for doTERRA in October


Considering getting on board with natural wellness using essential oils? Now is the time.

During the month of October, I’m offering these specials to new Wellness Advocates as well as Preferred Members that choose to upgrade their accounts.

Just for signing up with a $35 wholesale account ($25 annually thereafter),  I’ll send you a free essential oil pendant, handmade by my husband, from Strahan Pottery.  You can choose which one you want from our available stock at our Etsy store.  Don’t place an order there, just view them and let me know what style you like me to send.

natural swirl pendant promo

I will also provide you with a free 30 minutes wellness consult, by phone, Skype, email or chat. Our one-on-one session will help you determine which oils would benefit you the most.

Create an enrollment order worth 100 pv (product value) or more and I will send you a new, hardback copy of the 6th edition of Modern Essentials. ($27.95 value)

doTERRA’s enrollment kits are a great selection of oils and products selected and put together at a great price, even better than wholesale!  However, if thats not your cup of tea, you can simply enroll with a $35 wholesale account, then choose the oils that you’d like to start with.  Its easy, customizable way to get started with essential oils.  Go here to start.

Check out all the enrollment kits HERE including the new Home Essentials Kit.   This kit is a great way to get starting switching over to more natural solutions for your family.  You can replace nearly all over-the-counter products with the essential oils in this kit.  Plus, doTERRA has included a the new Petal Diffuser in this kit!  The diffuser alone is a retail value of $62.67 and the cost of your wholesale account is included too.  A fantastic deal!
home essentials kit

Click here to create your wholesale doTERRA account.

The best part is doTERRA rewards their loyal customers with product credits!  The Loyalty Rewards Program allows you to earn a percentage back from orders that you place to use for free product.

I’ll thank you too, for joining my team, by sending you essential oil accessories when you place a minimum of a 50 pv order in November.  This essential oil keychain contains 8 small vials allowing you to carry the more important oils with you all the time! There have been countless times when I’ve applied On Guard to my kids’ hands, DigestZen to an upset tummy, or even a quick mix of lemon, lavender & peppermint in a bit of water for respiratory support during allergy season.  For qualifying Loyalty Rewards Orders of 50 pv or more in November, I’m sending out the keychain EO pouches for sure, but I’m also going to include other surprises too!

This offer is only good through the month of October.  Shoot me an email:  jana@janasapothecary.com if you have any questions or would like some help signing up!


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