Pain Relief


portable pain relief

Several days ago, Will cracked one of his upper teeth eating an almond.  I know… go figure.  Maybe that tooth had a hairline fracture before?  Anyway, he made it into the dentist yesterday to determine what could be done.  It wasn’t good.  The crack was deep enough that it was right down to the bone.  The dentist said it couldn’t be repaired with a crown and needed to just be yanked outta there.  Yikes!

After a couple hours in the dentist chair for the extraction, they sent him with a prescription for hydrocodone.  He did take one last night and it made him totally loopy.  This morning, he needed to get back to work remodeling a basement.  Hydrocodone combined with power tools didn’t sound like a wise idea, so I made him a few “pain relief capsules.”  He took one right away and took the other two to work.

I put 4-6 drops Frankincense and 4-6 drops Marjoram in an empty capsule.  Then I grabbed an empty peppermint beadlet bottle, removed the plastic orifice and dropped in the two capsules.  They’re safe in their glass case in his lunchbox or pocket until he needs one in 4-6 hours.  When he called later in the morning, I asked how his pain was and he said he was fine!  We’ll see how the day goes, but we’re optimistic that he won’t need the pharmaceuticals.

Keep in mind that not all essential oils are of equal quality.  We only use doTERRA essential oils because of their quality and purity.

This is personal testimony and not a recommendation for you, ’cause I’m not a doctor and can’t do that.

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