WIP Wednesday #3 and an FOB!

Hey there!  Is it spring yet?  We’ve had some wacky weather here on the prairie.  One day its 50 degrees, then a couple of days later it was -9 with snow on the ground.  I don’t trust Wyoming weather, so the knitting of warm things will continue.  This week’s Work in Progress (WIP) is a pair of socks using that same faux cable design that I still need to write up for you.  I recently went over to Mitchell, NE to get our beef back from the butcher and decided that I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop into the Brown Sheep Company.  They have a delightful staff in their factory outlet store.  You can browse through bins and shelves of beautiful “seconds” of all kinds of yarn weights and colors.  One of the gems I found were these two skeins of WildFoote sock yarn, in a colorway called “Hiker.”

wildfoote hiker


That very evening I cast on another pair of socks.  Its the same pattern as this one, which I still need to write up.  I went back to it because its simple to memorize and not terribly complicated, but its engaging enough not to be boring.  I’m using 2.25 mm cable needle and the Magic Loop Method, knitting cuff down.

Wildfoote hiker wip

As for the FOB (finished object), I finished this pair of socks for myself! If you’re on Ravelry you can check out my project page for more detailed information, but the pattern is call The Hornet.  I used Fleece Artist Nyoni which is an amazing blend of wool, mohair, nylon, and silk.  Its smooshy and wonderful.

hornet socks 1

hornet socks 2

Its damp and cold this afternoon, so I have an appointment with Netflix and my knitting needles. (I’m ignoring the laundry)

Knit on!


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