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Every year, about 2-3 weeks after school starts…. so does the sickness.  The close quarters of the classrooms, the sharing of pencils, pens, touching doorknobs etc.. Public schools are germ factories just as much as most workplaces.   As a family, we decided to send our girls back to our local public school.  You can be sure that they are each set up with their little doTERRA keychain of 8 essential oils to take to school.  Each girl chose what oils she wanted in her backpack.

LEMON, LAVENDER & PEPPERMINT are the basic three that no one should leave home without.  There are so many things to use those three powerhouse oils for.  Respiratory support, relaxation, congestion, headaches, etc… In fact, here is a list of 101 things!

ON GUARD is an amazing, anti-bacterial blend of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary and wild orange. If I had to choose just one oil to give to each and every teacher, this would be it.  Used for everything from cleaning to hand sanitizer to boosting immunity.  On Guard is a must-have essential for the home and classroom.  Check out this list of 52 uses!

DIGEST ZEN:  Because on a rare occasion, my girls eat a school lunch.  No offense to the cook.  She does the best with what she’s given, but that’s the problem.  School lunches consist mostly of GMO & chemical laden, processed food that is either frozen, dehydrated or comes from a can.  DigestZen is a blend of ginger, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, coriander, caraway and anise.  Its great for soothing relief from stomach upset, motion sickness, diarrhea,  Its a pretty potent oil that smells strongly of black licorice, but even my youngest can toss back 1-2 drops mixed in about 1 oz. of water.  For younger kids,  it can also be applied topically to the abdomen.

BREATHE: doTERRA’s proprietary blend that includes laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, and ravensara. Breathe helps you do exactly that… Breathe.

WHISPER:  This unique blend for women & girls contains a blend of oils that work with each person’s chemistry to create an individualized fragrance.  I love it and so does my daughter.  When we’re experiencing the “crabbies.”  Whisper is a great calming influence.  A musky, sweet and warm fragrance that will be your very own.   

CITRUS BLISS: uplifting and cheerful, this blend smells like a summertime, orange creamsicle!  Citrus Bliss is a blend of wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, begamot, tangerine, and clemintine with just a hint of vanilla.  My daughter chose this one for her backpack keychain simply because it makes her happy.

My younger daughter chose to outfit her keychain with lemon, lavender, peppermint, DigestZen, and Breathe also.  But for her other two vials, she chose Grapefruit and Wild Orange.  She likes to add a drop of grapefruit oil to her Life Factory water bottle.  (affiliate link)  She loves to put one drop of Wild Orange and one drop of peppermint in the palms of her hands, rub them together, cup her hands near her face and inhale.  A great scent for encouraging focus!

Whatever extras you choose, make sure to include On Guard and the big three oils — lemon, lavender and peppermint.  Enjoy leaving home knowing that doTERRA has your back!







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