WIP Wednesday #1

tom sock 1

It’s WIP Wednesday!  WIP = work in progress.  This is when I show you what I’m working on, whether its knitting, quilting, crafting in general or even a household project.  Today, and probably quite often, will feature knitting.  I’m making some socks for a friend’s husband.  My gracious friend and neighbor comes and watches over my critters if we’re out of town.  So I’m making her husband some socks in gratitude for her critter / house sitting services.  This guy has some large feet and since he won’t be trying them on mid-knit, I wanted to create a pattern with some give and go.  I choose a ribbing in which I could incorporate a faux cable since plain 2×2 ribbing is oh, so boring!  I’m using Lion Brand sport-weight WoolEase from my stash because its pretty warm, yet washable and I knew I’d have enough for socks that would require 400+ yards. I’m using my standard cuff-down sock method and a pattern I worked out myself for the cable look.  (no cable needle required, its just a combination of some creative knitting together and twisted stitiches.)  If you’re on Ravelry, look me up under the name “Josamali”  Eventually, if there’s any interest, I’ll write up the pattern and publish it when I’m done with this first pair.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re up to this week!

Knit on, winter is just around the corner!

tom sock 2


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